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How to improve making school´s work at home


People across the world are feeling the effects of coronavirus and have been in the necessity of making home office, which not only implies having the right conditions, where activities can be carried out while maintaining a high level of professionalism but, at the same time, those who are parents have been asked to support their children with school activities.

Although it is true that not everyone has the same facilities –not only in knowledge, but in handling applications and electronic devices- there are some strategies that teachers can implement from the distance  -with the help of reinforcement at home- to decrease the stress or anxiety that children could be feeling.

After all, let´s not forget that being left out of school also implies that they are deprived of situations that facilitate social interaction, as well as the development of skills such as time management, cognitive operations and following instructions, which are usually present in school environments.

Having this in mind and to avoid students to experience more concern about the current situation, it is suggested that teachers not only keep parents informed of school activities, but also seek to implement technological strategies that allow maintaining an interaction with the student, either through conferences and videos, or simply by sending them feedback about their work.

Context must be taken in mind as well, therefore do not stress students by demanding to work perfectly, but by motivating their improvement. Similarly, asking them how they are feeling with the online classes, as well as reminding them the importance of following their routines and making their homework, helping them to keep a “normal” life, as far as possible.

We also have to remember that students often look up to their teachers, as a way of making an idea by themselves about what is happening in the world, so an example has to be set, by keeping calm and avoiding to give information that could harm them.


Psic. Andrea Pérez

Departamento de Psicología


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