Daniel Comboni #850, Colonia Jardines de Guadalupe.
Zapopan Jalisco - México. C.P 45030
Telefono: (5233) 36202423 Con 7 líneas.
E-Mail: sekguadalajara@sekmexico.com


SEK Guadalajara International School - Welcome

 The school belongs to SEK International Institution,  a private educational organization with over 120 years of service to the education and with a number of schools in  Europe, USA and Latin America.

The school provides comprehensive schooling for all educational levels, from kindergarten to high school. It can boast with a modern and extensive infrastructure as well as  trained staff   that is always ready to attend students` learning needs.

You are invited to visit our school and to uncover SEK Guadalajara Internationals school through its Educational project as well  as  History and Ideology.

Mission: “ To bring inspiration, knowledge and innovation to each of our students. To form  the world citizens who are able to lead their own changes as well as the ones of the society”.

The goals:

  • To promote all forms of  our students` talents.

  • To achieve the full potential  of our students

  • To provide our students with the necessary resources to meet the challenges of the modern world

  • To spur the holistic development of our students

Essential elements:

1. Leadership

2. Trust

3. Teamwork

4. New teaching methodology

5. Internationalism

6. The balance between desires and possibilities

7. Emotional intelligence

8. Solidarity

9. Multiple learning

10. Transversality




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