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As our children come first, the Institution has come up with a scheme to guarantee as far as possible his/her future, stability and schooling under unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, in the event of the death of a student’s father or mother, the student will be able to continue and conclude his/her studies in the school where they are registered. In exceptional cases, where soundly justified, a request can be requested be submitted to the President of the SEK International Institution for authorisation to continue and finalise studies in another Centre of the Institution.

The characteristics of this additional service that the school offers to all its students is summarised below:

Policy Holder: The student’s father or mother will be registered as the holder of the Schooling Guarantee on the annual registration or enrolment form. Maximum age permitted will be 60.

Beneficiaries: These are the students registered in the school, dependents of the Policy Holder, at the time of his/her death.

Cover: This guarantee is a service that the centre offers, included in tuition fees, which covers the student’s enrolment fees, tuition fees and nutrition throughout the school year. Benefits will commence upon the notification of the holder’s death and continue until the student leaves the school where he/she is registered (without repeating the same school year). Under no circumstances will schooling be guaranteed in a school which is not a member of the SEK International Institution. The Schooling Guarantee is not subject to any kind of financial evaluation and in the event of unforeseen circumstances service would be temporarily suspended or terminated.

The Schooling Guarantee will be granted according to prior analysis of the circumstances and requirements of each case, for which the school may request any information it deems necessary.

Exceptions: The above mentioned benefits will not be granted:

  1. Where critical or terminal illness is present at the time of registration for first- time holders. The School reserves the right to assess the state of an existent illness, be it critical or terminal.
  2. In cases where any type of economic irregularity with the school exists  at the time of the Holder’s death.
  3. When the educational contract that bonds the Policy Holder to the school expires or once the school year terminates, the Policy Holder has not renewed their school place for the following year.
  4. When the Policy Holder cannot prove his/her parental rights or legal representation regarding the registered pupil.

The school reserves the right to modify the nature of the benefits, covers and exclusions that this service offers by notifying the Policy Holders of the Schooling Guarantee.


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