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The School has a medical department with a doctor who is available throughout the school day. He/She will treat any illnesses, injuries or emergencies. The medical department only provides primary attention and first aid and is not a doctor’s surgery.

At different stages of a students’ school life parents will have to fill in or up date a medical card which will contain relevant information so that each student can be assisted individually. It is the parents’ responsibility to hand it signed, completed and within the final date.

In case of having to administer some kind of medicine to a pupil during school hours, a written request (via the student`s agenda, fax, e-mail) must be sent to the doctor. This authorisation must be signed by the pupil’s father/mother and clearly state the name of the medicine, the period of time and the dosage. Due to the importance of this information, notifications via the school agenda will not be accepted, unless the enclosed authorisation form is completed and signed specifically for this purpose.

The Doctor is not allowed to administer any kind of medicine without having carried out the above-mentioned procedure.

Because of the risk involved, students are not allowed to have medicines in their possession, not even in their desks or lockers.

Through talks, debates and presentations, it is also the medical department’s task to inform pupils, parents and teachers about issues concerning preventive medicine and students’ health. 

As your children’ health is of utmost importance it is essential to keep your children’s medical report up to date. The School appreciates any information you can give us, as well as the constant written communication with this department’s staff.

All the communications you receive from the School’s medical department related to you children’s health are merely informative, not strictly professional therefore we advise you always to seek a medical specialist’s opinion and diagnosis.


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