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Field trips


Museum of the Magic Top / Museo del trompo Mágico

As part of the cultural outings of Primary school students of 5th grade went to the Museum of the Magic Top.( Museo del Trompo Mágico).
This Museum has exhibitions designed to interact and learn about science and technology. Its main objectives are to awaken the scientific vocation in children and young people, as well as to reduce the gap between science, scientists and society. It is an interactive museum, where people are protagonists.
Interactivity refers to an active and free participation: it implies an exciting relationship with artifacts and demonstrations, a personal intellectual challenge, a transforming experience, and the relationship (socialization) with others of this experience, through reflection and dialogue .
The students experimented to explore, touch, understand, interpret and become familiar with the science that, in addition to learning, was a reason to get in touch with the teachers and their classmates.


Miss Maythe Zavala

Tutor and English Teacher


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