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Parents’ Participation

 The SEK International Institution considers that communication between the family and the School is of prime importance in order to develop an efficient educational process. The above-mentioned communication is much more effective when each pupil is individually attended depending on his/her specific needs. Therefore, the School backs up the personal interview system with the form teacher, the psychologist, the respective Infant, Primary or Secondary Education Head of Studies, the Head of Admissions and the Headmistress as the most suitable way to ensure success in our pupils’ education.

Within this philosophical framework, the main figure is the student who is considered as an individual, besides the School offers a series of informative and fellowship activities which are available to parents and relatives.

  • Tutorial Interview/Visit System 
  • Fellowship Day

A group of the same year students’ parents is invited to visit the School to see a normal school day, guided by the Head of Admissions. They will visit their children’s classrooms so that they can experience an active school day.

  • Open Days 

                 1st Open Day: Saturday, November 21

                 2nd Open Day: Tuesday, May 10 (Mother`s day)

  •  Publications.
    •  Information Booklet
    • Didactic Activities and Visits Leaflet: T
    • Dining-room Service
    • NotiSEK Mexico School Magazine 
    • The SEK International Institution Magazine: 
    • The SEK International Institution Monographs:
      • Welcome to the SEK International Institution
      • Infant Education, the first school years
      • Our children, from the age of 6 to 12
      • Adolescence and  Youth
      • SEK Style, Personality, School Environment and  Politeness
      • School Organisation: Life at your SEK International School


  • Involvement through committees

Our goal is to increase the participation of our students’ families in the School’s activities. Therefore we suggest a series of committees which we encourage you to join and take part in:

  • Family Sport Committee
  • International Committee
  • Professional Committee


You will receive further information about these committees as well as the name of the Coordinator that you should contact.

Each student’s educational process is monitored by his/her form teacher allowing parents to obtain detailed information about their child’s academic development. The frequency of interviews with the form teacher will depend on the student’s situation and parents may request an interview or the teacher may arrange it.

A letter stating each form teacher’s interview timetable will be sent out to parents. Punctuality is requested, as each form teacher has a limited amount of time.

Upon request at the School’s Reception, information may be obtained about your children or any other matters may be addressed. The Headmistress, The Infant, Primary or Secondary Head of Studies, the Form Teachers and the Administration Staff will be pleased to assist you.




Jiménez Ahumada Irene

Preschool 1

Hidalgo Fonseca Priscila

Preschool 2

Álvarez Cárdenas Laura Elena

Preschool 3

Torres Peraza Blanca Olivia

Primary 1° A

Martínez Romero  Norma Elizabeth

Primary 1° B

Gómez Alvizo María Guadalupe

Primary 2°A

Colossio López Malik

Primary 2°B

Quezada García Leticia

Primary 3°A, B

Rivera Carmona Adriana Alexia

Primary 4°A,B

Islas Fierros Itzia Georgina

Primary 4°C,B

Herrera Flores Crhistel

Primary 5°A

González Highland Marinés

Primary 5°B

Munguía Ornelas María Graciela

Primary 6°A,B

Gómez Rodríguez Juan Antonio

Secundary 7° A

Nuño Romero José Antonio

Secundary 7° B, C

Muro Lazcano Mayra Margarita

Secundary  8° A

Casillas Gaspar Tomás

Secundary 8° B

Fano Reyes Ennio

Secundary  8° C

Monsivais Torres Alma Celia

Secundary  9° A

Pindi Mambu Pascaline

Secundary  9° B

Gallegos Terán Elvia Patricia

Bachelors 10°, 11°



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